10 December 2017

It's alive!

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A journey can be something beautiful and something educational. moztr and myself have declared the trip to Projekt Endzeit since December 1, 2017 as over. Unfortunately, the communication from one day to the next did not work anymore and the common ideas suddenly disappeared. On attempts to clarify the situation, was not no longer received and so many players no longer understood the world, why the first opened server should be closed again.

Among the negative headlines followed quickly positive news. As one or the other noticed, the servers were renamed to the tag s[R]g and the Steam group was made public again. The homepage was brought back to the net as far as possible and all important functions are activated / updated. There are still some things to do here and there, but most of the tasks will be tackled in January 2018. In addition, we have received new support in the orga-team through micbus, Strelock and zurrorat.

Currently we have 2 PvE servers for 7D2D at the start. The 7D2D Starvation Server "[EU] s[R]g 7D2D Mossland [PvE]" is already well attended. And the 7D2D modded PvE server "[EU] s[R]g 7D2D Connyisland [PvE]" is also slowly gaining its players. In the next few days our 7D2D modded PvP server will follow "[EU] s[R]g 7D2D Clubhut [PvP]".

In addition to the 7D2D server we have already since the beginning of 2017 our ARK-Server-Cluster, which houses all four official maps. As of December 12, 2017, the release of the new Aberration DLC will also see the 5th map in our ARK-Server-Cluster. We will limit the slots of all maps to 20 for better load balancing and overloading.

Since the Apocalypse and Stone Age are not enough for us, there will probably be a PvEvP server for the game Empyrion - Galactic Survival in the near future. Empyrion has a good balance in PvP and is a real alternative to Space Engineers.

As of today, all servers are reachable under the new IP-Address So please do not get a shock if the servers may not be displayed as usual. For questions and suggestions you can always write us in our Facebook group or address us in TS3.

You reach us as usual ...
TS3: ts.survival-gamers.eu
Homepage: https://www.survival-gamers.eu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/survivalgamers.eu
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/survival-gamers

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