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Survival-Gamers is not a clan. The founder Markezzz, Protech1982, Dartgott and Moztr have come together from existing and successful clans and groups to host survival games and to build and run a community around them.

You don't have to join us to play on our servers. Also, if your clan wants to play on our servers, go ahead!

We're interested in Survival Games in general, but especially in:

  • 7 Days to Die (own servers)
  • DayZ
  • Life is Feudal
  • Minecraft (own servers)
  • Miscreated
  • Nether
  • Planet Explorers
  • Unturned (Testserver, noch public yet)

And many more...

We also run this website with forum and commuity, a teamspeak server and several game servers. You can find more information abotu them in the corresponding menu on this website.

Primarily responsible are:
Markezzz, Moztr, ProTech1982 and Dartgott


Survival-Gamers "History"

Once upon a time, due to way too much time on their hand, Dargott and ProTech1982 of the "German_heads Multigaming Community" were looking for a new challenge in "7 Days to Die" and were looking for a suitable PVP Server.

After a few minutes of searching they found a suitable Server run by mYmonster.

They quickly made their home on that Server and new Friends as well.

Markezzz was the server's admin, Dartgott liked how the server was configured and so they started talking about collaborating in a "survival gamers" project.

Survival-Gamers was born.

We pooled our servers and our infrastructure and are now working together, to give as many players as possible the most joy we can in Survival Gaming!


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