09 January 2018

7DtD Clubhouse - Features and Rules

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General info

Servername: [EU] s[R]g 7D2D Clubhouse [PvP]
Gameserver-Addresse: clubhouse.survival-gamers.eu /
Gameserver-Port: 40200
Gamemode: PvP

You're welcome to join us on our Teamspeak 3 server at ts.survival-gamers.eu



  • Pls speak only German or English!
  • PvP and Raid is permitted. Taking over homes, claiming them and stealing is forbidden.
  • „Flying“ bases, hatchelevators (elevators using hatches) are forbidden.
  • Cheating and buguse of all kinds is forbidden.
  • When finding duplicated items (rare items in great quantity, many weapons with exactly the same components, et cetera) an admin has to be informed.
  • The pointless destruction of build structures (griefing) is forbidden as well as the use of zombies for attack on bases.
  • No insultes! Only chat in english or german.
  • Items that are lost due to game bugs or server restarts are not getting replaced.
  • Due to performance reasons, collapse of blocks is limited to 10x10x10.
  • The public sharing of player or base coordinates (in chat as well as a marker) is forbidden.
  • Logging off in other players bases is forbidden. The minimum distance has to be at least 20 blocks.
  • The direction of admins/moderators need to be followed.
  • It‘s permitted to to build a base in a normal house. However, buildings with lots of loot (like for example great bunkers, skyscrapers, military buildings/outposts and stores) may not be claimed.
  • One player may place at most 2 claim stones. If more are placed, they will be deleted. The claim stone protects an area of 20 x 20 blocks.
  • The center of the map is a PVE Zone. Building and PVP is not permitted there!


Admins / Moderators

The following Admins and Moderators can help you.


  • Strelock
  • zurrorat


User Commands

User commands can be used in the game on the console. You can find an article describing how to open the console here.

  • pm - Send a message to a single player denoted by his name or entity id. Will be shown on receiver side as "<sender> (PM)" where the name of the sending player if used by the in game console.
  • re - Send a message to the player who last sent you a private message.

Server Settings

ServerIP =
ServerPort = 40200
ServerIsPublic = True
ServerName = [EU] s[R]g 7D2D Clubhouse [PvP]
GameMode = GameModeSurvivalMP
GameWorld = Randomgen
ServerMaxPlayerCount = 26
EACEnabled = True

DayNightLength = 60
NightPercentage = 35

GameDifficulty = 6
EnemySpawnMode = 5
EnemyDifficulty = 0
EnemySenseMemory = 60
ZombiesRun = 0
MaxSpawnedZombies = 80

PlayerDamageGiven = 2
PlayerDamageRecieved = 4
FriendlyFire = True
ShowFriendPlayerOnMap = True
BuildCreate = False
CraftTimer = 1
LootTimer = 1
DropOnDeath = 0
DropOnQuit = 1

LootAbundance = 50 %
LootRespawnDays = 7 Days
AirDropFrequency = 60 hours

BlockDurabilityModifier = 100 %

LandClaimSize = 21
LandClaimDeadZone = 60
LandClaimDecayMode = 2
LandClaimExpiryTime = 7
LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier = 32
LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier = 16


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